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The time has finally come! After several “No’s” [for various reason that never made a whole lot of sense] I’ve FINALLY received a YES for my own Soul Sessions night in TACOMA!!  Kick off night will be SATURDAY, MAY 7th!! So save the date. Live Band (cover songs & original music), DOPE artists, same brand of GOOD quality music!  Don’t miss out!

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The year 2015 was full of leaps and bounds for my music career thus far.  From being a part of an album [Words Paint Pictures] that charted twice on the billboards, to rebuilding my catalog from the ground up, to having 2 singles in rotation on internet and standard radio stations.  Those of you who have followed my career thus far know that I value and appreciate the small accomplishments just as much as the big.  This is no different.  I’m happy to have not only been eligible but approved and accepted into The Recording Academy.  For those who are unaware, The Recording Academy is the organization that assembles and hosts the Grammy Award ceremony every year.  2015 was a year full of planning in the midst of the grind.  For 2016, I’ve committed myself to execution of those plans!  For what good is an opportunity if you don’t deliver?  HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to support all of my musical risks and endeavors.  Let’s make 2016 even more grand than the previous year! As always, walk by faith, not by sight.



A period of pseudo-tranquility is usually indicative of the storm to follow.  The new release entitled, “#Ready” featuring Swanks was no shortcoming to the analogy.  The powerful yet jazzy vocal styling of Blakk Soul over a chopped 90s sample jam is like a match made in heaven.  Blakk describes the passion driven tease of mental stimulation that [as we all look forward to] will lead to physical euphoria. “Baby, flowing since the morning been sexting me…4 play’s an all day affair with me.”  These seductive lyrics are accompanied by the melodic and straightforward lyricism of rapper boldly known as SWANKS.  Available for stream below:

Yo I thank God for EVERYTHING! I leave the cocky stuff for y’all lol. Whether it be a supporting role or starring role I’m THANKFUL for every opportunity! 2015 started off rough but will end incredible. I truly believe that.  Be sure to look out for the new LP Words Paint Pictures from Rapper Big Pooh & Apollo Brown courtesy of Mellow Music Group, dropping March 24th, 2015.