AFTER HOURS (Explicit)




If you were planning on giving last week’s single “#Ready,” ample time to stew within the depths of your passionate, 90’s nostalgic loving souls, GUESS AGAIN!  To Follow up the wave, Blakk again releases another 90’s sample driven selection of chill trap.  Whether your suitable vice be, lighting a tightly rolled J or a Heavenly scented candle, “After Hours,” will make for an appropriate soundtrack for an evening of passion. Hope you know how to surf 🙂






A period of pseudo-tranquility is usually indicative of the storm to follow.  The new release entitled, “#Ready” featuring Swanks was no shortcoming to the analogy.  The powerful yet jazzy vocal styling of Blakk Soul over a chopped 90s sample jam is like a match made in heaven.  Blakk describes the passion driven tease of mental stimulation that [as we all look forward to] will lead to physical euphoria. “Baby, flowing since the morning been sexting me…4 play’s an all day affair with me.”  These seductive lyrics are accompanied by the melodic and straightforward lyricism of rapper boldly known as SWANKS.  Available for stream below: